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To qualify for this role, you must have experience in a similar industry; firefighting, lifesaving, and life-boatman training certificates; as well as practical knowledge in incinerator equipment operation and electric forklifts.

Hiring Requirements:

        • Must have practical knowledge of incinerator equipment operation.
        • Previous experience with passenger ships or any other ships 400 GT or higher capacity is preferred
        • Must hold a completed firefighting training, life saving training, life-boatman certification, certificate and completed personal responsibilities under emergency circumstances training for passenger ships in accordance with STCW 95 for seafarers. 

Language Requirements:

        • Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly and cordially with guests. Knowledge of other languages a plus.
        • Ability to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures. This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors and co-workers.

Detalii contract

Contract : 8 months

Vacation : 2 months


Wipers keep engine spaces, garbage areas, and the cooking oil tank room clean, sanitized, properly maintained, and pest-free; ensure proper segregation of garbage throughout the vessel; and monitor and operate incinerator plants, pulper systems, and all related equipment. As a Wiper, you will maintain records regarding garbage and any food waste; perform painting and maintenance work as needed; and ensure all garbage-handling equipment, firefighting equipment, sensors, and environmental machinery are clean and in good working condition. 

1.     Celebrity Cruises places the highest value on the environment and all Crewmembers shall do the same. This position shall work with supervisors and subordinates to understand and comply with the company's environmental policies and be committed to safeguarding the environment. He/shall direct and immediately inform his/her immediate supervisor if any environmental system does not function properly onboard.

2.     The wipers would participate in keeping the engine spaces and related areas clean and tidy at all times, including washing. They should also be able to participate in maintenance work, particularly related to sanitatizing equipment, under supervision.

3.     The wiper is responsible for the cleanliness, sanitization, and elimination of pests in the garbage area, garbage cold storage room, and cooking oil tank room.

4.     Monitor and Operation of the incinerator plant and all related equipment, including ash vacuum transport and packaging system. Also maintains and cleans the incinerator room and pulper room machinery spaces. The wiper will report any issues or conditions to the engineer or duty.

5.     Ensures all garbage handling equipment such as shredders, conveyers, compactors, incinerators, refrigerators for garbage, pulper system, drains, pumps and pipes are in good working order and in an operational condition at all times. If inoperative, reports condition to the assigned Engineer. Also ensures that all garbage handling equipment and decks in the garbage area are clean, sanitized and painted at all times.

6.     Changes the water in pulper systems daily and log times when water has been changed and when the system has been cleaned.

7.     Keeps all sensors, firefighting equipment as well as all the environmental machinery free of dirt.

8.     At the completion of the segregation operation, wash and rinse all the plastic containers and the garbage bins that are in the area

9.     Performs washing and painting jobs in the waste handling areas, painting at the accommodation areas, as well as participates in maintenance work as directed by superiors.

10. Garbage sorting of glass, metal tins and aluminum cans. Metal tins shall be compacted and stored in the cold garbage storeroom. Aluminum cans shall be compacted and bagged for recycling at the designated ports, and shall also be stored in the cold garbage storeroom. The crushed glass should be sanitized with MicroBac III or chlorine solution, covered with plastic membrane, and also stored in the cold garbage storeroom.

11. Reports the names of crewmembers delivering improperly segregated garbage bags to the segregation room to the assigned Engineer or to the Environmental Officer of the vessel. Ensures segregation begin at the source and not at the incinerator room.

12. Ensures proper segregation of all garbage delivered at the time of delivery following company policy. He will make sure that no garbage bags are stored in the garbage treatment area, no garbage bags are thrown on the shredder without thorough checking and immediately eliminate the volume of the garbage bags by separating them into the big, plastic containers using the following color code:

??Yellow – wet garbage such as food waste
???Red - burnable waste such as paper, plastic and non-degradable food waste
Gray – glass
Green/blue – recyclable metal tins and aluminum cans

13. Must be well knowledgeable in the use of all electric forklifts.

14. Responsible for providing record keeping information to the appropriate officer regarding garbage that has been incinerated or landed in port, and any food waste discharges at sea. Assists the Environmental Officer with garbage off-loading in port

15. Wiper must always wear the proper PPE while carrying out their duties. Individual is also to ensure that all persons working in the garbage area wear protected gear properly.

16. Ensures that relevant signs are posted and advance notice is given when maintenance, repair or cleaning operations will take place to preclude waste being brought down during these times.

17. Will be in charge of the discharge of food waste that cannot be incinerated or chopped through the food waste pulpers. (Only for the ships that still operate the chute for waste food only).

18. Monitors and makes sure that all the service galley and restaurant materials must be separated, counted and returned to the Crew dishwasher station.

19. Ensures large materials such as metal doors, cupboards, unserviceable galley equipment, spares, ropes or wires etc., are never left in the provision areas or in any other areas of the ship without prior contact of the Environmental Officer regarding when and how they will be off-loaded. Crewmembers may only be able to bring large materials for offloading to the garbage room.

20. Performs related duties as required. This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the shipboard employee occupying this position. Shipboard employees will be required to perform any other job-related duties assigned by their supervisor or management.