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Chef de Partie 1 ( CDP 1)

Minimum requirements

  • Proof of cook apprenticeship completion or equivalency.
  • Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly and cordially with Guests.

    Ability to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures. This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to questions from Guests, supervisors and co-workers.

  • Four to six years experience cooking and preparing food in a 4 or 5-star hotel, restaurant or high volume food service facility.
  • Ability to read, interpret and demonstrate the preparation of recipes for all basic meat, fish, sauce and side dishes. The demonstration includes advanced cooking methods such as braise, sauté, broil and grill and the use of a variety of knifes to slice, dice, chop, julienne, etc.
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision and able to train members of the team.
  • Extensive knowledge of food handling procedures with regard to public health standards.
  • Ability to work positively and cooperatively in a diverse team environment to meet overall established time frames for the entire food service operation.
  • Ability to learn and utilize knowledge of policies and practices involved in the human resources function. Ability to supervise an international team of entry-level cooks and chefs in a positive and productive manner by motivating, developing and managing employees as they work. Ability to utilize and administer the disciplinary action process through coaching and counseling to improve performance or recommend termination of employment.
  • Ability to communicate tactfully with department heads, coworkers and other shipboard employees to resolve problems and negotiate resolutions.
  • Completion of high school or basic education equivalency preferred.
  • Computer knowledge is required.
  • Click the video for more informations about CULINARY DEPARTMENT onboard the ships >>>   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2vXbFp5C9o

    Contract details

    Contract : 6 months

    Vacation : 2 months between contracts

    JOB INFORMATIONPosition level : Senior

    Salary: fix monthly salary

    Facilities on board:  free of charge offered by the Company ( accommodation, meals, medical services )

    Accommodation:  shared cabin of two

    Work schedule: 7 days / week , 10 hours /day ( shifts )

    Job Cruise FEE :  NO FEE for recruitment/ embarkation process

    Embarkation costs:  depending on  ship/ itinerary ( medical files, required visas, flight ticket )


    Supervises and coordinates activities of a particular workstation engaged in preparing and cooking food products for various outlets per instructions from the direct supervisor onboard the vessel. The CDP 1 position is a senior middle-management level and previously has worked in four different sections of the galley in position of CDP 2 or CDP 3 and has received certification as Culinarian by the Culinary Trainer, Pastry or Bakery Supervisor/Corporate Chef. This position should be developed to becoming a Sous Chef in all areas of management; responsibility, knowledge, skills and craftsmanship.


    All duties and responsibilities are to be performed in accordance with Royal Caribbean International’s Gold Anchor Standards, SQM standards, corporate recipe standard, onboard public health control plan for food safety and HACCP guidelines, environmental and work place safety policies and procedures. Each shipboard employee may be required to perform all functions in various food service venues and galleys throughout the ship. The work stations or areas are usually categorized as follows:

    · Main Galley including Butcher, Commissary, Pastry and Bakery

    · Windjammer Galley

    · Room Service

    · Crew galley

    · Solarium

    Radiance, Voyager and Freedom class ships to include additional galleys, such as, but not limited to:

    · Portofino

    · Chops Grille

    · Jade

    · Seaview

    · Johnny Rockets™

    · Sorrento’s

    · Café Promenade/ Café Latte Tude

    Oasis class ships to include additional venues, such as, but not limited to:

    · Giovanni’s Table

    · 150 Central Park

    · Seafood Shack

    · Support galleys on Deck 7

    · Park Café

    · Wipeout Café

    · Café Mondo

    · Donut Shoppe

    · Chef’s Table

    · Concierge dining

    · Vitality Cafe

    · Cup Cake Shoppe

    · Solarium Bistro

    · Doghouse

    · Rita's Cantina


    1. In accordance with Royal Caribbean International’s philosophy of Anchored in Excellence , each employee conducts one’s self in a professional and courteous manner at all times. This consists of physical and verbal interactions with Guests or fellow shipboard employees and/or in the presence of Guest contact and crew areas. 

    2. Each culinary shipboard employee reports to their workstation assignment on time and properly groomed and dressed according to Royal Caribbean International’s Gold Anchor standards. This includes a clean uniform, name tag, Chef’s hat, apron, hair net for ladies, calibrated thermometer, red neckerchief with gold color neck slide, company approved specified safety shoes and wearing appropriate PPE according to assigned tasks.

    3. On a daily basis, meets with the Sous Chef and/or Executive Sous Chef to review the requirements of the day’s meals and time frames for restaurant service. Reads menu to estimate food and time requirements to ensure speed and efficiency. Follows daily flowchart with regard to menus and any other food products that may be required from the station of responsibility. Follows and studies company recipe cards and procedures. Uses the production sheets and meal count information to produce the correct amount of required food products. Conducts on job training with Commis, CDP 3 and CDP 2 in recipe knowledge and cooking procedures outlined in the recipe cards.

    4. Supervises the assigned workstation function. Assigns duties and responsibilities to employees. Fully responsible for organizing work schedule and controlling over time of assigned section, ensure Time and Attendance policy is followed by each member of his/her team. Notifies Sous Chef and/or Executive Sous Chef regarding anomalous work schedules and time records. Informs the Sous Chef / Executive Sous Chef / Executive Chef of any crew member who does not follow Time & Attendance procedures and reports if any crew member is working more then 10 hours for the day.

    5. Observes and evaluates employees and work procedures to ensure quality standards and level of service is met. Ensures that their station has proper staffing and communicates this to his supervisor. Ensures that food items are prepared and presented according to corporate recipe standards set by the Director, Culinary Operations. Ensures food is set up 15 minutes before the required time and adequate amounts are prepared. Is responsible for food products, from areas of their responsibility, which are used in different food outlets and shall follow up on the serving and maintaining of the food products. The CDP 1 has to visit other food outlets and/or decks to check the food products to ensure they are maintained and up to Company standards. Works closely with the Sous Chef and CDP’s in other outlets with regard to communication ensuring the level and quality is efficient and up to Company standard.

    6. Trains and monitors entry level cooks and Chefs for proper service. Provides on-the-job training to strengthen their current performance and preparation for possible advancement to promotional positions. Ensures that all their junior co-workers are doing on-the-job training by ensuring that each crew member reads Level 1 & 2 culinary training manuals and attends practical training sessions in order to be prepared for certification in the culinary training program. Crew members already enrolled in the culinary training program shall be supported, coached, trained and developed per the training program’s guidelines. Organizes the daily workstation operation to ensure speed and efficiency andthat procedures in all aspects of the job are followed.

    7. Conducts an inventory of the items in the workstation storage. Determines the day’s food requirements and prepares daily requisitions in Crunch Time for approval by the Sous

    Chef. Reviews the quality and quantity of the delivery and accepts issued product. Shows responsibility for achieving the food cost budget for the assigned work station. Communicates on a daily basis with the Executive Chef with regards to the planned food cost budget for their area of responsibility. Conducts training with Commis, CDP 3 and CDP 2 in waste management to ensure useable food products are completely used and avoids over production.

    8. Works with all galley personnel in a cooperative, productive and effective manner.

    9. Adjusts thermostat controls to regulate temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, roasters, steam kettles, etc. Tests equipment to ensure accuracy of temperature gauges, heating or cooling elements, etc. Reports to the Sous Chef and/or Executive Sous Chef all malfunctions and requests for necessary repairs. Informs the Executive Chef on a weekly basis any outstanding AVO’s and/or updates the AVO logs to ensure all equipment is in good working order in their area of responsibility. Trains the Commis, CDP 3 and CDP 2 in the procedure for food items cooked in the Cook and Hold units.

    10. Apply, at all times, HACCP and onboard sanitation and hygiene standards complying with ship's international itinerary. Acquire proficiency in regards to standard regulations about proper food storage, correct food preparation and safe food temperature. Learn about OPP and practice common procedures to prevent outbreak. Monitors workstation and staff for adherence to those procedures.

    11. Conducts on-the-job training with Commis, CDP 3 and CDP 2 to ensure all crew members working in his/her area of responsibility know RCCL and onboard Public Health Control Plan as related to preparing, holding, storing, re-heating and serving food. Conducts training and follow up on record keeping for Blast Chiller and Cooling Logs of the Blast Chiller in their area of responsibility, or the Blast Chiller used on a daily basis.

    12. Knows and operates all equipment according to standard operating procedures. Reports all out of order equipment directly to their supervisor. Conducts documented training of Commis, CDP 3 and CDP 2 in operating, cleaning and maintaining machinery and tools  according to the Company's Workplace Safety program. Is responsible for prevention and rectification of any action that may results in injury to Guests or crew members under their direct supervision using safety observation practices. Reports any unsafe acts, near misses or accidents immediately to the Executive Chef.

    13. Practice ergonomic exercise such as stretching before reporting to work. Required to report first stage of illness or health disorder to immediate supervisor. Adds seasoning to foods during mixing or cooking to appeal to Guest demographics. Monitors, supervises and test foods being cooked by tasting, smelling and using a thermometer to ensure the correct internal temperature has been reached before serving. Attends daily food tasting per the Executive Chefs instructions. 

    15. Supervises and participates in cleaning the workstations during and after meal preparation. Enforces and follows onboard cleaning procedures for work surfaces, all related equipment and utensils. Supervises the assembly of the workstation for the next meal preparation shift. This includes cleaning and preparing food storage areas and refrigerators.

    16. If assigned to work in any of the company’s private destinations, consider safety of one’s self, colleagues and Guests. Be familiar with the nearest first aid station, location of safety equipment and routes around the island’s work stations. Ensure to provide Guests with professional and friendly service at all times. Responsible to secure Company property and food products brought to the island. Must work in best sanitary conditions applying onboard standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

    17. Attends meetings, training activities, courses and all other work related activities as required. Reads Level 1 & 2, Level 3 & 4, Supervision and Nutrition Culinary Training Manuals to prepare themselves for certification in the ACF Certification program and to develop knowledge to pass on to junior co-workers.

    18. Acquire a good amount of knowledge in regards to AWP and vacuum infeed station. Train subordinates on proper garbage separation and advise them no Cooks are allowed to put anything in the vacuum infeed units around the galley.

    19. Works closely with the Sous Chef with regard to the evaluation progress for 90 days, mid-contract and end-of-contract evaluations for employees under their supervision. Completes hand-over notes for their assigned station prior to signing off. CDP 1 to prepare themselves to step up as temporary Sous Chef, when it is required, in the operation.

    20. Performs related duties as required. This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the shipboard employee occupying this position. Shipboard employees will be required to perform any other job related duties assigned by his/her

    FAQ - Chef de Partie 1 ( CDP 1) - Cruise ships - hospitality staff

    • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines: currently owns a fleet of 23 cruise ships and in the next period will launch other 2 vessels with capacity of 4000 passengers. Royal Caribbean cruise offers options that appeal to the widest possible market, customers ranging from standard to premium segment.

    • Celebrity Cruises: the company is oriented only towards premium customers segment, with a fleet of 10 cruise ships. Celebrity Cruises vessels are ranked in the top luxury cruise vessels in the world.

    • Azamara Club Cruises: the company is dedicated to serving the luxury and premium segment customers. Azamara has two cruise ships in the fleet.

    • Pullmantur Cruises: provides services exclusively to markets in Latin America and Spain, and aims standard customer segment. Pullmantur Cruises has a fleet of four cruise ships.

    The length of contracts varies between 6-8 months, depending on the position obtained, with two months break between contracts. Hiring is for an indefinite term collaborations with 6-8 weeks vacation between contracts.

    Contract for an indefinite period. Employment contracts are between 6 and 8 months and vacation length is 8 weeks. .There are two types of contracts for staff with fixed salary and personal with income from tips. The company offers a guaranteed minimum wage for staff working in tips system, but the monthly income varies depending on the workstation size, itinerary, performance.
    NO. Fleet vessels are active 365 days / year, except during maintenance and repair periods in which crew members on board vessels are active.
    The current Royal Caribbean cruise program offers visiting of more than 280 different destinations around the world. Their list (besides all the “famous-popular” port destinations) features Alaska, Canada New England, Europe (UK, Mediterranean, Baltic, Iceland), Asia, Australia New Zealand, Caribbean (also Bahamas and Bermuda), Hawaii, Mexico Riviera, South America. On relocation, Royal Caribbean ships also offer Transatlantic cruises and Panama Canal transits.
    Fleet vessels are equipped with the latest navigation technology, with maximum operating safety.

    A job on a luxury cruise ship offers many opportunities, and the advantages are considerable:

    • The chance of a relevant financial gain, even spectacular, gains value depending on the position occupied, the professional level and the ability to provide specialized services.
    • Saving money. Daily expenses such as food, accommodation, medical insurance covered by the Company.
    • Under international labor, people who work at sea do not pay taxes for their incomes.
    • The chance to travel around the world without paying for it.
    • Job with real prospects of promotion.
    • Dynamic job, far from the routine of a job on shore.
    • Obtaining reduced travel fares for family members who want to spend a memorable vacation .
    • Guarantee a stable job, especially in this difficult period of economic and social terms.

    Applicants must meet the following characteristics:

    • Minimum age 18 years old
    • Average level of communication in English for entry positions (entry level)
    • Advanced level of communication in English, for positions that require a higher degree of responsibility
    • Communication skills at advanced level in other international languages ​​(French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese) for applicants interested in getting a job in reception departments, hosting, youth, tourist guide, etc.
    • Properly qualified, experience for the position.
    • Personal profile suited hotel industry;
    • Motivation, desire for career development on the long term
    • Availability for relocation for periods between 6 and 8 months
    • Adaptability
    • Clear criminal record,
    • Medically fit

    What are the steps to obtain a job on a cruise ship:

    Pre-selection with the Agency:

    • Completing the application online on our website www.jobcruise.ro 
    • Schedule the pre-interview with one of our Recruiters.
    • For applicants residing in Bucharest or nearby, interviews are conducted at the agency's headquarters in Bucharest.
    • For applicants in the country or abroad, interviews are scheduled via video Skype 
    • The completion of final documentation required to interview with employers

    Final interview with the Employer

    • Registration into the Employer’s Database 
    • Taking part to the final job interview. Interviews may be conducted at the agency's headquarters in Bucharest. Frequently, interviews also runs through video Skype.

    Boarding the ship

    • Confirmation of the contract, obtaining the Letter of Employment
    • Obtaining a C1D visa ( that allows the crew member to transit through US Waters) and other transit visas required depending on the embarkation port , if applicable
    • Performing the medical exam at  one of the authorized medical facility. ( Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta) 
    • Performing the psychological examination
    • Obtaining the Criminal Record ( also need an authorized translation of the document)
    • Filling up the embarkation documents

    What documents are required for register an application?

    • Curriculum Vitae – written in English

    Creating a professional Curriculum Vitae is an essential element in the application process. For some candidates, it is a simple piece of paper, but for others, this piece of paper is the most effective tool to promote personal skills that can make a difference. Curriculum Vitae written in a professional form instantly attract the attention of Recruiter. In an open competition with other candidates, sometimes for a small number of jobs, this document may just tip the scales in your favor. The choice of form and content of this document is entirely yours. Our recommendation is to keep in mind that an attractive CV should contain accurate, clear, detailed and complete information . 

    • ID card
    • Tourist passport (not required for interviewing stages, but becomes mandatory for employment after the candidate was approved)
    • Letters of recommendation / professional assessment from previous jobs (an advantage);
    • Copy of C1D visa and/or other transit visa that are still valid (China, Australia, Canada etc) copy of Seaman's Book and STCWs Certificates ( for seafarers )

    Always English.

    It’s the main criterion for recruitment, a fluent communication is a guarantee of proper understanding and interpretation of job tasks, internal regulations and express your questions, it also helps the crew to rapidly adapt onboard.

    The company strives to hire couples on the same ship, but cannot guarantee boarding on the same day for both partners. Company personnel needs prevail. Only candidates who can prove whether they are married, whether they live at the same address are accepted. Registration and couple IDs are available only on board when both partners have embarked, however it is very important to mention this aspect since the first discussion you have with our Recruiter.

    • Smile, positive attitude, flexible, politeness
    • Permanent visual contact with the Recruiter
    • Express the motivations underlying the decision to get a job on a cruise ship within the company,  presenting personal characteristics
    • Using proper terminology 
    • Simplicity, naturalness, spontaneity

    • Simplicity, naturalness, spontaneity
    • Register the application online on the website www.jobcruise.ro ;
    • Attaching a CV written in English, with refers to previous jobs;
    • Having a pre- interview with a Recruiter from Job Cruise.
    • For applicants residing in Bucharest or nearby, interviews are being conducted at the agency's headquarters in Bucharest.
    • For applicants from other cities from Romania or abroad, interviews are sustained through telephone (telephone-0040.722.127.386) or via Skype.

    During the interview, applicants are required to declare:

    • Any special medical condition involving medical supervision/ treatment.
    • Existing visible tattoos (arm, forearm, leg, neck, etc.)
    • Criminal record – convictions or other law problems;

    70 hours /week  ( 7 days/ week, 10-12 hours/ day )

    Normally, you will be working with at least 3 breaks on schedule.

    Time is very carefully monitored aboard a cruise ship, by means of electronic timekeeping. You can perform additional work only at the express request of the management, in this case the overtime period will be offset by equivalent free time or paid overtime .

    The cabins offer a decent comfort for two crew members, equipped with air conditioning, TV, internet access (with fee), bathroom.

    Aboard a cruise ship, there are various ways of recreation and facilities offered for free to the crew members :  the crew bar, recreation areas, internet café, library, gym, pool  (on some ships).

    For some staff members (officers , senior management positions and staff members), there may be extra privileges (access to certain passengers areas ) between certain hours.

    There may be days off depending on rotation, even 24 hours, but they remain at the discretion of management team, NOT guaranteed by the contract. Normally, a day off aboard a ship typical equates to a free port day, but there are still a few hours of work.

    Embarkation flight ticket is covered by the employees from the following departments:
    Housekeeping, restaurant, bar, kitchen, reception, Casino
    Embarkation flight tickets for following positions are covered by employers:
    Youth Staff, Cruise Staff, Sports staff, Sound technician, Light technician, Stage staff, Rigging specialist, Digital content specialist, Broadcast technician
    Disembarkation tickets are covered by employer at the end of each successfully ended contract for all crew/staff members, no matter position/department they belong to.

    Embarkation costs may vary, depending on the job or the port of embarkation. 

    • Obtaining a valid passport ( for at least 12 months ) – aprox 300 RON
    • Costs of medical analysis / vaccine- approximately 1,100 RON
    • Consular Fees for US Transit visa - 160 USD (fee reimbursed on board by the Employer, with payment proof from the bank - receipt)
    • Flight cost: estimated bewteen 70- 200 Euro for boarding in European ports and 500-700 Euro for non-European embarkation ports.

    Job Cruise does NOT ask for any tax or fee for its mediation services. Recruitment services, interviewing and assistance in embarkation process are FREE of charge.

    Not always. In the boarding process, the representatives of JOB CRUISE offers detailed 

    information about access to transportation, accommodation location, people and contacts.

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