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JOB INFORMATIONPosition level : Nespecificat

Facilitati : cazare, masa, plata bilete avion, rambursare costuri vize, servicii medicale  oferite GRATUIT la bord 

Cazarea : cazare in cabina "single"

Programul de lucru : Medicii și asistentele medicale lucrează în ture de la orele 8:00 am la orele 11:00 am și de la orele 3:00 pm la orele 6 pm și preiau apeluri și în afara orelor de program. Turele se rotesc astfel încât să permită angajaților să aibă și timp liber.

Cost imbarcare :  analizele medicale, detinere pasaport turistic, vize necesare si certificat SSD ( Security Awareness)

Taxe Agentie : NU se percep taxe de recrutare/ imbarcare

Guest and crew medical care for minor to major emergency situations as well as the general medical care of all crew members including preventative medicine and care of chronic conditions while reporting necessary cases to the different port and health authorities of the different ports of call.

To provide medical services to all Crewmembers and Guests. The Doctor shall assist the Staff Captain and Senior Doctor in all shipboard health-related matters including outbreak prevention, and illness reporting as required by international, national and company policies. In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

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